Who We Serve

From corporate executives to next generation investors, we custom-tailor our services to your unique needs

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Next Gen Connections

Connecting with younger generations to provide education and solutions to challenges.

We understand that younger generations often have different values and priorities than previous generations. Vantage Financial successfully serves younger generations by offering a personalized experience, online tools and resources and a flexible service structure. We are here to help with the challenges, including:

Can you help implement an initial financial plan to get me started on the path toward financial success?

We will discuss priorities, goals and establish an investment and spending plan that emphasizes saving first.

Can you help explain the differences between establishing a Traditional IRA or ROTH IRA?

We will provide education around different retirement plans and help you understand the benefits of starting early.

Can you help organize my finances so I can focus more clearly on the future?

We will recommend a systematic approach to investing that works to build your financial safety net.

Can you help create an investment strategy that aligns to my life's values and priorities?

We will work with you to ensure your investment portfolio is aligned to your beliefs.

Can you help me access online investment management tools and resources?

We will provide you with access to the Vantage Financial Client Portal where you can access your account, financial plans and other helpful educational resources.