With Vantage, you gain a trusted partner in developing your personal road map to retirement and beyond

Vantage Financial offers independent, unbiased fee-only investment management services. Our experienced team of professionals include Certified Financial Planners and Chartered Financial Analysts. In over 30 years of business, we have navigated the ever-changing marketplace utilizing an array of strategies and approaches. We research the global markets, leveraging our professional network to access industry expertise and intellectual capital beyond the reach of the average retail investor.

It is said that time is an investor's most valuable asset. As we watch the markets to manage your investments and opportunities, you are afforded more time to focus on the priorities of your life. Our team is glad to speak with you to discuss your thoughts, questions, ideas, and concerns.

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Portfolio Design

Building your customized portfolio starts with our strategic allocation, enabling exposure to the global markets within equities, fixed income, alternatives, and other investments. Next, we incorporate research driven analysis that combines proper diversification, risk management, and strategically implemented investments to meet your goals.

Vantage offers various strategies incorporating the use of mutual funds, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), individual stocks, and covered call option writing .

Risk Management

Managing risk is critical for any investor. Toward growing your wealth over time, we can help reduce risk in your portfolio through proper diversification and hedging strategies. Through a series of conversations and analysis, your wealth advisor will work with you to determine your appropriate risk tolerance by assessing both your ability to take on risk, but also your willingness to take on risk. These conversations enable Vantage to further customize and tailor a portfolio to fit each client's individual needs and future goals

Additional Considerations

Fee-Only; No Commissions: A fee-only structure eliminates commission-based trading incentives, aligning our interests and removing a conflict-of-interest.

Retirement Paycheck: Learn how the proper design of your portfolio across different strategies can help fund an income stream in retirement, while continuing to grow and build wealth.

Options: Vantage utilizes covered call writing within certain investment strategies to help generate additional income and potentially add to the total return of the portfolio.

Rebalancing: Varying rates of returns will pull an allocation out of balance. Rebalancing is a means to reset back to the intended allocation. This approach favors a disciplined process while introducing a layer of risk management.

Tax Management: Portfolios are managed with a consideration towards tax consequences. Efforts are made to reduce taxable gains through tax loss harvesting or lot-specific transactions.

Concentrated Positions: Some individuals' wealth is concentrated in a small number of stocks. While concentration can create wealth, diversification can help maintain it. Vantage offers strategies to manage single-stock risk. In most cases, it involves strategically selling down the position or implementing hedging strategies to reduce the risk. In some cases, this can be combined with tax management strategies to mitigate taxable gains.

Dollar Cost Averaging: Some individuals prefer to have portfolios methodically implemented over the course of several weeks or months. Dollar Cost Averaging divides up the total amount to be invested across periodic purchases in an effort to reduce the impact of volatility on the overall portfolio implementation.

Value-oriented/Socially Responsible: Some clients prefer to use strategies that better align their portfolios with their beliefs and values. Vantage offers strategies within the emerging field of socially responsible investing, offering clients the opportunity to invest with a consideration and support of your values.

Consultation: As your life changes, we are ready to shift direction and consider new options. Our team stays in tune with the markets, the economy and governmental changes so we are always ready for whatever you need.