Advanced Planning

Putting all of the pieces together for you

Financial planning begins and ends with the relationships we share with clients. We take a comprehensive, planning-led approach to uncover the pieces of your financial life. To begin, we learn a great deal about you. Who you are. What you value. What you do. We learn about your family dynamics and current and future financial goals. This information helps us create a plan that's tailored just for you, and addresses all your financial goals including risk management, liquidity, tax mitigation, retirement, education, asset growth and charitable giving.

We believe there is no substitute for direct communication and engagement. By building strong client relationships, we work to empower individuals and families to make wise financial decisions that will support their life priorities. Vantage Financial is structured so you work directly with a professional Wealth Advisor, who will be part of a larger team including Portfolio Management and Tax and Planning Professionals. The coordination provided by your Wealth Advisor allows us to deliver a streamlined, integrated plan to achieve your goals.

Your Wealth & Portfolio Manager coordinates with Planning Analysts, Service Specialists and our Engaged Leadership to collectively address your goals in the most efficient manner.

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Financial Planning

Our planning process considers all components that make up your financial life and then creates a plan to meet your responsibilities and achieve your goals. Your comprehensive plan may include retirement, tax, estate & legacy, education and philanthropic strategies.

Retirement Modeling

Preparing for retirement requires reassessing your financial situation and shifting focus from wealth accumulation to wealth preservation. Our sophisticated software helps you gain financial clarity on your retirement by running various scenarios that model future spending, heath care expenses, taxes, charitable giving and more. Together, we explore various options and recommend strategies, where needed. Enjoy a highly-personalized process that considers your complete retirement picture and helps answer important questions like: Do we have enough? When will we be able to retire?

Transitional Planning

Changes in life stages or life circumstances often require making important financial decisions. A sudden change in your situation—loss of a spouse or partner, divorce, inheritance, sale of a business, or retirement—may not only be life altering, but also require a financial adjustment. As your Financial Steward, we help individuals and families make sound financial and life decisions during periods of life transition.

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